Paradise Lost (prdslst) wrote,
Paradise Lost

The L Word: A-Z

Title: The L Word: A-Z
Fandom: The L Word
Pairings: multiple pairings
Rating: T - M

Dana told herself it was pure attraction, and nothing more than that.  But the nagging feeling in her gut told her that wasn’t the end of that, and those blue eyes and British accent-laced voice helped to cement it.  Maybe one kiss would help to get Helena out of her system, but that planned crashed and burned as soon as her lips touched those of the brunette bombshell.  One kiss turned into two, and then morphed into a number she really wasn’t paying attention to thanks to a certain brunette who was currently trailing kisses along her neck.  Maybe, just maybe, the attraction went both ways between them.
Tags: character: dana fairbanks, character: helena peabody, fandom: the l word, fanfiction: drabble, pairing: helena/dana

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